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Wolsey Academy
believes climate change is the greatest
threat faced by mankind.

We hope to do our bit.

Previously we used Carbon Footprint to offset, over the 3 years we were subscribers, 193 tonnes of carbon (and a matching number of trees were planeted in the Kenyan Rift Valley).

Carbon Footprint are a highly respected offsetting company used by many branches of the UK government to meet their offsetting targets.

However, as our understanding of the climate crisis evolved we opted in March of 2021 to switch our subscription to Clime Works. They have a developed a Direct Air Capture Technology plant in Iceland. We believe this has two major advantages over the traditional offsetting approach. Firstly, it will remove the carbon far more quickly from the atmosphere - helping slow the climate crisis. Secondly, it allows Clime Works to continue developing their DACT and scale it up to allow more carbon reductions in future.

Using ClimeWorks Wolsey Academy and Wolsey Home School are now paying for the removal of 600 tonnes of carbon a year. A huge improvement on our previous arrangement - and even more so when the time scale factor is included!

Thank you for supporting us and in turn allowing us to adopt new approaches to carbon offsetting.

Thank you.

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