Wolsey Academy

believes climate change is the greatest

threat faced by mankind.

We hope to do our bit.

Therefore 50% of our revenue will go to offsetting.


Each month we promise to offset a

minimum of 5 tonnes of carbon


 We are using the UK government-approved Carbon Footprint offsetting service.


This far exceeds our yearly output making us proudly carbon positive +

We are a small operation so therefore have not been audited by Carbon Footprint and therefore can not display the badges of membership. However, we will list our certificates below as we accumulate more offsets.

Check out this great organisation, and if you are an educator take a look at their student resources.

To date, Wolsey Academy has offset:

158 tCO2e

and, in addition, planted that many trees in the

Great Rift Valley in Kenya.

We hope it helps.

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