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1066 and the aftermath of conquest - featuring a unique immersive interactive Learning World (free to play!).


The Learning World feeds directly into the in-class lesson activities and can be used as an ongoing homework project – students can complete the free codex booklet as they go to consolidate learning.


Lessons included:

1. Who Should be King?

2. Stamford Bridge

3. Battle of Hastings - Source Analysis

4. Battle of Hastings - Descriptive Writing

5. Battle of Hastings - Battle Analysis

6. Dover - Source Analysis

7. London - Summarisation Task

8. Harrying of the North - Essay Skills Relay

9. Castles - Group Project

10. Feudal System - Essay Planning

11. Domesday Book - Troop Placement Activity

12. Narrative Assessment (Edexcel style)

13. Online Game Codex

14. Online Game Codex (Answers)


It is a very comprehensive SOW that covers the Norman conquest and its impact on English society. Each and every lesson has been made with enough differentiation, activity variety, cross-curricular support and progress checks that they could be used comfortably ‘out of the box’ in an observation lesson. Care has also been taken to make sure the skills complement each other across the SOW and build up to progress in exam writing ability, source analysis and soft skill development. I’m quite proud of it – if I may say so!


From my experience it created a huge ‘buzz’ about learning in the classroom and I even had kids in other classes asking to use it. So soon the whole department were using it and at KS3 parent’s evening it was all the parents talked about – many of them had also played through the Learning World.


Note: The Learning World is a ‘beta’ version – I am currently looking for someone to upgrade the artwork to make a few things look more ‘Normany’. But I guarantee the pupils will love it.


All are available to download and purchase at - which is also where you can find the Learning World.



    1066 (12 Lessons, 1 Game Codex)

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