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The History of Ancient Persia


Each lesson is well constructed and fully resourced (all resources are contained at the end of each PowerPoint to avoid multiple files). Lessons include a varied sequence of activities building up content and skills to enable students to engage with the content of the Persia Empire while building up transferable skills in historical writing, source analysis and creative projects. Each lesson also includes model answers, criteria and stretch/support activities.

The lessons are as follows:


  • The Artifacts of Persia. A collection of primary sources that students study. They then create a presentation on the question “what type of people were the Ancient Persians?”
  • The King of Kings: An overview of the reigns of Cyrus the Great, Cambyses, Darius, and Xerxes.
  • Life in Persia: A project-based lesson with all the materials needed for students to present on Persian law, religion and the role of women.
  • The Fall of Babylon: A brief look at the Babylonian Empire, a timeline of its fall to Persia and a study of the causes, events and consequences surrounding the fall of the Great city.
  • The Age of Kings – A look at the magnificence and splendor of the traveling household court of the Persian Kings
  • Persia v Athens and the Battle of Marathon: What happened, why did it happen and what legacy did it leave?
  • Athens & Sparta: The allies that kept Persia at bay, a look at their similarities and differences.
  • Battle of Thermopylae: How did it create the legend of the 300? Is there any truth in it?
  • Battle of Salamis: How did the Greeks defeat a much larger Persian army?
  • Persian achievements: Art, Science, Architecture, Mathematics.
  • Persian Medicine
  • Alexander the Great
  • The sacking of Persepolis


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Ancient Persia - 13 Lessons

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