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Henry II & Becket. A mini 3 lesson SOW looking at the church, Henry II and Becket’s murder. The module excellently introduces the idea of church v crown and provides the contextual knowledge needed for later study of the English reformation and other ‘power’ issues the English monarchy faces. Works well as a stand alone SOW but is also integrated into the free to play History game world at (check it out if you haven’t already!)


Each lesson contains a literacy & numeracy starter, teacher narrative context pages (chance for you to do some storytelling !) plenaries and a range of active learning episodes. EAL and literacy support mats included with each lesson.

The 3 lessons, along with the main lesson activities, are as follows:


  1. Church & Crown (graphic based church mind map discussions/source question/leaflet productions/Consult the Codex)
  2. Henry II (Timeline questions/round room source activity/Henry poster activity/Consult the Codex)
  3. Becket (chronology card sort/consult the codex/descriptive writing activity/cartoon strips)


Hope it helps.


Remember – works best when the students are playing the (free!) Becket game and completing the codex at the same time (perfect ongoing homework task or ict room lesson).


Find it at:


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