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Discover the haunting tale of the Black Death in Europe through this captivating bundle of four interactive lessons designed for secondary school students. Dive into the causes, symptoms, cures, and consequences of this devastating historical event that shaped the course of European history.


Engage in a thrilling free-to-play online RPG game that transports you to the medieval world, allowing you to navigate the challenges of the Black Death firsthand. Immerse yourself in the era as you make critical decisions, interact with historical figures, and witness the impact of the plague on society.


Complementing the game, a comprehensive workbook accompanies the lessons, providing an opportunity to deepen your understanding through thought-provoking activities and reflective exercises. Step into the shoes of medieval inhabitants, analyzing primary sources, and critically examining the effects of the Black Death.


Unleash your curiosity, sharpen your historical analysis skills, and embark on an unforgettable journey through one of the most devastating chapters in European history. Prepare to be captivated, challenged, and enlightened as you explore the causes, symptoms, cures, and far-reaching consequences of the Black Death.


The series of lessons comprises of:

  • Black Death Causes and Spread
  • Black Death Symptoms
  • Black Death Cures
  • Black Death Consequences
  • A workbook (Codex) for the free to play RPG game.


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Black Death - 4 Lessons & Game Workbook

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