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Canada in the Great Depression


A comprehensive 11-lesson series, which explores Canada's strategic approach to the Great Depression. Understand the socioeconomic context of the era, delve into the government's policy responses, and investigate the profound implications and lasting effects. Engage with historical debates and learn how this critical period shaped Canada's modern identity. These lessons serve as an invaluable resource for students seeking to gain a nuanced understanding of this pivotal chapter in Canadian history.


Lessons in the series include:


  • What caused the depression in Canada?
  • Consequences of the Great Depression in Canada
  • Canadian Federal Government Responses
  • King, Bennett, King – Approaches
  • Mid-Unit Review and Recap
  • 1935 Election and Bennett’s plan
  • Alternative responses to the Depression
  • MacKenzie King’s Government
  • Impact of the Second World War
  • Growth of the Federal Government
  • Unit Summary, recap and revision – Flash Cards and Essay Guidance


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Canada in the Great Depression, IB History, 11 Lessons

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