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A Guided Reading Task of 16 ‘Computer Science’ Guided Reading challenges used by Wolsey Academy.


Each task involves reading an extract from a piece of computer science scholarship, creating a sub title for each paragraph and noting key points. It ends with a summarisation task.


It allows students to engage with high end literature and developing not just their reading skills and subject specific vocabulary but engages them in contemporary issues and controversies.


All of the can be downloaded at


There is a tie in series of 17 lessons called ‘The Computer Revolution’ that can be found at - use the code ‘WOLSEY20’ to receive 20% off the price.


The 16 are as follows:

  • GCHQ – A look at the beginnings of computing the Second World War, Alan Turing and Enigma.
  • Hidden Figures – The African American women that contributed to the NASA Apollo program.
  • Moore’s Law – the scientist who helped developed the microchip and his (prescient) prediction on their future development.
  • Idea’s Man – Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, on the impact of Windows
  • Game Over – the development and origins of the Game Boy
  • Society & The Internet – Positive and Negative Impacts
  • The Blockchain Future – A look at the impact of blockchain
  • Covid19 – A look at how technology and tracking apps helped (or hindered) in the fight against Covid19
  • Computing with Quantum Cats – An exploration of the nature of quantum computing
  • SpaceX Starship – how space x are using computing to bring down the price of space travel
  • Facial Reognition – how this technology promises to transform the world, for the better and for the worse.
  • The Digital Divide – a deep study into the two tier world digitisation has created
  • Artificial Intelligence – Wired’s top science writer gives an overview of the impact of AI
  • The Metaverse – Billions are being poured into this technology by the Tech Giants – but what is it?
  • They Tell Me This Is How The World Ends – Financial Times Book the Year 2021 – the threat posed by hacking and cyberthreats.
  • Chip War – Financial Times Book of the Year 2022 – How microchips are at the centre of a new fight for superpower dominance



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We hope it helps.

Computer Science – Literacy/Guided Reading Task - ALL 16 ACTIVITY SHEETS

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