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The French Revolution & Napoleon series (10 lessons) we have been teaching for a while but recently jazzed up some cartoon illustrations and streamlined/added some activities.


Each lesson comes with a range of activities and a focus, some build up essay writing skills, others focus on debates, others are more creative tasks. All resources included at the end of each PowerPoint, designed to be as ‘pick up and play’ or ‘pick up and modify’ as possible to help you out.


Content wise you can see below, starts with the Enlightenment as context and then roams into Napoleon’s rise, his wars and eventually downfall at Waterloo. Have had excellent engagement with this SOW.

The lessons are as follows:


  • The Enlightenment
  • Causes of the Revolution
  • Tennis Court Oath & The Bastille
  • Constitution and the Republic
  • The Terror
  • Napoleon’s Rise To Power
  • Napoleon the General
  • Peninsular War & The Rifles
  • Battle of Waterloo 1815
  • Napoleonic Law and Legacy


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Hope it helps.



French Revolution & Napoleon

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