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24 fully resourced lessons on Nazi Germany from 1919 to 1945. Each lesson is structured with starters, main activities, plenaries and keyword flash cards for revision. Combined the lessons cover a range of skills, including source analysis, essay writing, group work and debate. Designed while teaching IGCSE Edexcel – However, all lessons are appropriate for any module on German History and the development of the Nazis.


The lessons are as follows:

  • The Origins of the Weimar Republic
  • The Weimar Constitution
  • Early Challenges to Weimar
  • Other Challenges to Weimar
  • Hyperinflation Crisis 1923
  • Stresemann and Weimar Recovery
  • Weimar International Relations
  • Early Development of the Nazi Party
  • The Munich Putsch
  • Nazi Party Rebuilds
  • The Great Depression & The Nazis
  • Hitler’s Appeal
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor
  • Creation of a Dictatorship
  • Nazi Methods of Control
  • Nazi Germany & The Youth
  • Nazi Germany & Women
  • Nazi Germany & Religion
  • Nazi Germany & Persecution of Minorities
  • Nazi Germany & The Economy
  • Nazi Germany & The Final Solution (Holocaust)
  • Nazi Germany & The Home Front
  • Nazi Germany & Opposition to Hitler
  • 93 Flash Cards and Revision Activities


Wolsey Academy is a non-profit that sends every penny it makes to one of the charities we support (see our website for details). We aim to make teacher’s and student’s lives easier and more fulfilling by providing well-resourced and ‘ready to teach’ off the shelf lessons.


Germany: Development of Dictatorship 1918-45, 24 Lessons

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