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11 lessons that cover everything you need for the External Influences section of IGCSE Business Studies. It is modelled on the CIE specification but has also been used successfully to teach Edexcel spec.


In total this Module 6 Scheme of Work includes:  53 flash cards, 7 Google Quizzes and 11 lesson PowerPoints (including a revision lesson).


Each lesson in the series comes with:


  • Activities to complete
  • Key word flash cards
  • Information to revise from and assist teacher talk
  • Link to a Google quiz that covers the topic


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Lessons in the series include:

  • Government Economic Objectives
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Monetary & Supply Side Policies
  • Business Responses to Economic Policies
  • Business Activities and the Environment
  • Non-Economic Pressures on Businesses
  • Business & Ethics
  • Globalisation & Multinationals
  • Globalisation Issues
  • Exchange Rates
  • Revision lesson with resources



Hope they help!


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IGCSE Business Studies - Unit 6 – External Influences

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