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A 5-part sequence on the British Empire, Indian independence and Indian Partition.


The lessons, and the activities included are seen below. To buy the whole unit at a reduced price please visit to purchase and to view our other fully resourced History lessons.


  • The British Empire in 1900 (5 key theme match up > Round Robin > Class Debate > Paragraph writing skills > retrieval practice).


  • The First World War and Empire (Map questions > Guided Reading > Source Activity > Appositive sentence task > Blooket quiz).


  • Causes of Indian Independence (Cops & Robbers Retrieval > Quiz Quiz Trade > Timeline task > Prioritisation Discussion > Paragraph writing skills)


  • India, Gandhi and the Second World War (Narrative World Building > Comprehension Questions > Gandhi speech analysis > Pamphlet Writing > Extension Reading)


  • Indian Partition (Recap Task > Dual Coding Writing Task > Ms Marvel Case Study > National Archives Source Study > Paragraph Writing skills).


Hope they help.


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India, Empire, Independence & Partition - 5 fully resourced lessons

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