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Industrial Revolution:

A Wolsey Academy Scheme of Work on the Industrial Revolution. Target is KS3 but all assessments throughout are GCSE and use Edexcel criteria. Each lesson contains a lesson plan, quick start guide, printable resources, mini plenaries, challenge questions, mark schemes, writing frames, lots of differentiation, a nice mix of activity types and a lesson specific EAL activity sheet. There are 14 lessons in total, but each lesson has enough material to last 2 or 3 lessons for even high ability classes.


Most lessons include some high-level source analysis.


The SOW has been used for several years (with continual updates and improvements) at a very successful History department in an outstanding school.


If used at KS3 it also acts as a grounding for any History of Medicine modules they might encounter at KS4 (hence the focus on public health and inventions).


The SOW covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction to the Industrial Revolution (free)
  2. Population Boom (free)
  3. Factories
  4. Coal Mining
  5. Transport
  6. Robert Stephenson
  7. Industrial Revolution inventors
  8. Child Labour
  9. Public Health Problems
  10. Public Health Solutions & Government Intervention
  11. Source Question on the Big Stink
  12. Luddites
  13. British Empire
  14. Source Question on Empire
  15. Revision Guide & EAL activities.
  16. William Cuffay & The Chartists (Black History Month lesson)


Hope it helps.

Industrial Revolution SOW

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