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A series of 26 lessons that take teachers and students all the way through the Marketing module of the Business Studies IGCSE.


This section includes the role of marketing, the distinctions between niche and mass markets and the techniques of market segmentation. The methods and importance of market research are covered. The central role of the marketing mix, i.e. the four Ps, is made clear. Marketing strategies to influence consumer decisions at home and in new foreign markets are the final topics in this section.

Each lesson contains a range of activities, all the content required, case studies to show application of knowledge, all resources needed appear in the one PowerPoint and it includes keyword flash cards for each lesson. They have been used very successfully over a number of years at a top International school.


The lessons in the whole series are as follows:

1.            What is marketing?

2.            Market Changes

3.            Market Segments

4.            Product and Market Orientation

5.            Primary Market Research

6.            Secondary Market Research

7.            Creating and Presenting Market Research

8.            The Market Mix

9.            Product Types and Success

10.         Product Development

11.         Branding

12.         Packaging

13.         The Product Life Cycle

14.         Pricing Types

15.         Price Elasticity

16.         Advertising

17.         Sales Promotion

18.         Budgets & Sponsorship

19.         Technology & The Marketing Mix

20.         Distribution Channels

21.         Methods of Distribution

22.         Marketing Strategy

23.         Marketing and Law

24.         International Markets

25.         Flashcards and Revision

26.         Marketing Mock and Mark Schemes


This series comes from a wider bundle of IGCSE resources that can be found at .


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We hope it helps.

Marketing - IGCSE Business - Studies Unit 3

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