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A fully resourced and innovative lesson looking at Medieval Life in Europe. The focus is on the life of peasants, the nobility and the role of the church. It has been used with incredible success for many years to high school students across Europe, America and Asia.


The centre piece of the lesson is the use of the Medieval Life History Role Playing Game which is free to play and is hosted (along with other such games) at if you do not already include these games in your curriculum then it is never too late!


The learning episodes for this lesson are as follows:

  • Recap on prior-learning activity
  • Straight into the game world – complete the table in the resources section as students explore the medieval village online.
  • Peer Assistance Task (Cops and Robbers stealing…)
  • 14 comprehension questions with stretch task.
  • Villein and Church Crucial Info Class discussions
  • Source-Based Activity – Use the 6 source cards to add further notes to their game tables.
  • Back to the future activity. Write an account of a time traveler's experience spending a day in a medieval village, use all of the ten keywords.
  • Peer recap and revisit the initial task.
  • Blooket quiz using the 10 REVISION FLASH CARDS in the resources to help prepare students!


Hope it helps!


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Medieval Life Lesson and Game World

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