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This series of 6 lessons cover all the database skills required to use MS Access competently and develops students theoretical knowledge of key database terms and concepts. Ideally suited for any educational curriculum but specially modelled around the EDEXCEL IGCSE ICT ).



Each lesson builds towards a Ferrari World theme park (UAE) case study and contains:

  • A literacy, numeracy, think settler activity.
  • Flash cards for all key words
  • Explainer slides
  • A range of activities.
  • Videos (in both MP4 & YouTube links)
  • Access to a google quiz for effective student progress checks and retrieval practice  (2 quizzes in total – basic and an advanced quiz)


Lesson topics:

  • Data Types and Data Entry (incl. 1 teacher tutorial video)
  • Key Relationships and Key Types (incl. 1 teacher tutorial video)
  • Validation & Sorting (incl. 2 teacher tutorial videos)
  • Queries & Operators (incl. 4 teacher tutorial videos)
  • Reports & Mail Merge (incl. 2 teacher tutorial videos)
  • Revision (37 flashcards and a range of revision activities)


Purchasing the whole scheme of work provides you with a passcode for a dedicated webpage with links to everything.


These lessons have been used with English as Additional Language students to great effect within an International School setting.

MS Access - Ferrari World Abu Dhabi case study - 6 lessons

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