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This is a computer science theory module. The lessons are as follows:




5 lessons in all that cover:

  • Types of Online Services
  • Impact of the Internet
  • Transactional Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • End of unit Revision & Test (with link to an online bespoke unit 4 Quiz)


Each lesson comes with:

  • A complete 5-minute lesson plan for that lesson.
  • Literacy/Numeracy/Think settler
  • Kagan Activity for keyword acquisition (Quiz-Quiz-Trade or Relay activity)
  • A main activity dependent on the key topic.
  • A plenary
  • A set of lesson specific keyword cards
  • A literacy extension mat
  • An EAL keyword focus activity sheet


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Wolsey Academy is a non-profit organization. Any money made on the sale of premium resources goes directly to our charity partners, please see for more information.


We hope it helps.

ONLINE SERVICES - Computer Science - 5 lessons

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