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Made during the 2020 lockdown for remote learning it is a pretty comprehensive resource (if I may say so) that covers the whole topic and includes:


See the promotional video here


18 tailor-made teacher videos

18 factsheets on the 18 key topics*

18 literacy/essay writing challenges** (1 per key topic)

5 Google Quizzes (and printable versions)

1 Stretch and Challenge Project


A website here: that houses all the resources and links.


It took a very long time to produce and I am very happy to now be able to share it for free. I would suggest setting it as an ongoing revision or homework task, the teacher videos mean that it can be used for self-study also.


The target audience was mostly for international school settings so I have tried to use accessible language where possible and each topic comes with a set of keywords to develop vocab skills.


*If you spot any mistakes please contact me via the website above and if you think it has come in useful I would love to see your reviews on the TES (makes me feel a bit better!)*


Hope it helps!


As a man with a great beard once (sort of) said: Teachers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains.


*The essay writing questions are loosely based on Edexcel IGCSE style questions but the approach taken is quite generic so will suit all exam boards/national systems.


The topics are:

  • Russia and its discontents
  • The 1905 Revolution
  • The Russian Dumas
  • Russia and the First World War
  • Rasputin
  • The February Revolution 1917
  • The Provisional Government
  • The Bolsheviks
  • The Bolsheviks Come to Power
  • The Bolsheviks & The Constituent Assembly
  • The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
  • The Russian Civil War 1918 - 1921
  • Why did the Reds win the Civil War?
  • War Communism
  • Impact of War Communism
  • Kronstadt Naval Mutiny 1921
  • New Economic Policy (NEP)
  • Lenin’s Legacy

Russian Revolution Revision Workbook (IGCSE)

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