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Each lesson includes:

  • An 8-12 minute video screencast by the teacher (me!) instructing students how best to use the lesson and providing greater knowledge, insights and understanding into the key concepts.
  • Literacy/Numeracy/Think settler
  • Kagan Activity for keyword acquisition (Quiz-Quiz-Trade or Relay activity)
  • A main activity dependent on the key topic.
  • A plenary.
  • A set of lesson specific keyword cards.
  • An EAL keyword focus activity sheet


This Scheme of Work was made during the Covid19 lockdown and therefore is geared for distance learning with every lesson including an instructional video by the classroom teacher (me). Therefore, it is probably best used ‘out of the box’ as a series of homework tasks (it’s only a small unit compared to some of the others). However, I have put the ‘in class’ activities (like Quiz, Quiz, Trade or group activities) in the ‘resources section’ at the end of the PowerPoint so each lesson serves a dual purpose – it can easily be used as an out of the box self-study/homework resource or can quickly be edited for use in classroom by dragging those activities out of the resources section and back into the main part of the lesson.


The entire module includes 7 lessons in all that cover:


  • Correct use of software types
  • Types of Data
  • Software purpose, part A
  • Software purpose, part B
  • Checking tools
  • Software evaluation
  • End of unit Revision: A range of activities, all 23 keyword flash cards & a self-marking online test.


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Software Development Processes - 7 Lessons

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