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Dive into an extensive collection of over forty meticulously crafted lessons on the Cold War, tailored for both middle and high school students. Our curriculum embarks on a historical journey beginning before the outbreak of the Second World War, exploring the depths of Communist ideology and the pivotal moments of the Russian Revolution. It spans across the monumental events leading to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the USSR, providing a comprehensive exploration of this pivotal era in history.
Each lesson is enriched with a diverse array of activities, keyword cards, and assessments, all designed to enhance analytical thinking and writing skills. Our resources are crafted to not only educate but to inspire a deeper understanding and curiosity about the Cold War's complex narratives.

The lessons include:
1.    Cold War Intro – Timeline and Keywords
2.    Capitalism v Communism
3.    Pre-WW2 Tensions
4.    The Grand Alliance
5.    Tensions during WW2
6.    The Three Conferences
7.    Conferences – Role Play Lesson
8.    The US Atom Bomb
9.    Soviet Occupation of Eastern Europe
10.    Telegrams and Iron Curtains
11.    Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan
12.    Cominform and Comecon
13.    Causes of the Berlin Blockade
14.    Events of the Berlin Blockade
15.    West Germany and NATO
16.    Cold War Origins Recap Lesson
17.    Korean War Causes
18.    Korean War Events
19.    Korean War Consequences
20.    Arms Race
21.    Space Race
22.    Hungarian Revolution Causes
23.    Hungarian Revolution Events
24.    Hungarian Revolution Consequences
25.    Berlin Wall Crisis
26.    Bay of Pigs
27.    Cuban Missile Crisis
28.    Consequences of the Cuban Missile Crisis
29.    Prague Spring
30.    Détente
31.    Vietnam War – Background
32.    Vietnam War – Gulf of Tonkin
33.    Vietnam War – Major Battles
34.    Vietnam War – Vietcong Tactics
35.    Vietnam War – US Tactics
36.    US and China Relations
37.    Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
38.    Chernobyl
39.    Solidarity & Poland
40.    Gorbachev & The end of the USSR


Wolsey Academy: Committed to Education and Charity
As a proud non-profit organization, Wolsey Academy is dedicated to making a difference. Proceeds from the sale of our educational resources are generously donated to support various charities, details of which can be found on our website. Our commitment to educational excellence and social responsibility underscores everything we do.
But our offerings don't stop there. Wolsey Academy is also your gateway to engaging 3D History games and workbooks, available at no cost for your students to enjoy. These immersive games complement our educational resources, making learning both fun and impactful. And for those who wish to delve deeper into history, we offer the opportunity to purchase additional lessons at a special discount.
Visit Wolsey Academy today (just a Google search away) and discover how our resources can enrich your teaching and inspire your students. Together, let's bring history to life!

Superpower Relations/Cold War - 40 Lessons

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