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A wide ranging look at the British Empire from the early days of the American colonies – to then losing those colonies – the birth and control of the slave trade – to then the second Empire in India, Indian Partition and then the consequences of British involvement in China. Also included are a few lessons taking into account Britain’s efforts to protect its Empire during both World Wars.

Each lesson is fully resourced and covers a range of historical skills, some focus in on specific case studies while others are more broad ranging. If taught in sequence the lessons build up the students analytical writing skills by using PEE, PEEKA and appositive sentence/paragraph structures. There are also two very lively class debate activities (Slavery & Opium War lessons).


The lessons are as follows:

  • Colonial America
  • Transatlantic Slave Trade
  • Caribbean ‘Plantations’
  • French Indian Wars
  • Causes of American Independence
  • Founding Fathers and the US Constitution
  • Industrial Revolution and Empire
  • Source question depth study on the goods of Empire
  • East India Company
  • China and Empire
  • Opium War
  • Boxer Rebellion Causes and Events
  • Boxer Rebellion Consequences
  • Causes of Indian Independence
  • The British Empire as of 1900
  • The First World War and Empire
  • Gandhi, India, and the Second World War
  • Indian Partition
  • Second World War – Battle of El Alamein
  • Extra: Caribbean British Territories Flags Quiz


Hope it helps.


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The British Empire - 20 Lessons

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