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A 6 part series of lessons on the history and development of the environmental movement.

The lessons look at:

• Apollo 8 and the Moonrise photo
• Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”
• The Montreal Protocol 1987 (The Ozone agreement)
• The Paris Climate Agreement 2015
• The global development of Green political movements
• The global development of environmental activism


Each lesson is self contained, with all the resources required at the end of the PowerPoint. They are brilliant for a case study at the end of Year 9 History or for a higher level study of politics.

We hope they help.


Wolsey Academy is a non-profit organisation and any money we make from the sale of resources goes to one of the charities we support, which can be seen at


In addition, we host great 3D History games, complete with workbooks, that are free for your students to play and complete at Here you can also purchase more of our lessons at a discount from other platform providers.

The History of Environmentalism - 6 lessons

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