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A series of 7 lessons that focus on the Space Race, From Sputnik to Apollo. Each lesson is fully resourced with anything that needs printing at the end of the PowerPoint ready in a print friendly format.


The idea of this series of lessons is to introduce students to key historical skills using content they are familiar with and find engaging. We have had huge success with these lessons at Wolsey Academy with students often demanding that we teach more of them. The work produced from these lessons has also been exceptional, with the main activity in each lesson being scaffolded and supported in a number of ways. For details of each lesson please see below. If purchasing just one lesson, make sure you have seen the details for that one below.

In the lesson preview you will see the lesson structure in the road map slide.


We hope it helps.


The 7 lessons:

  • Sputnik 1957
  • Yuri Gagarin
  • Project Mercury
  • Earthrise Apollo 8
  • Apollo 11
  • Apollo Conspiracies Debunked
  • Cold War Space Race


Wolsey Academy is a non-profit organisation and any money we make from the sale of resources goes to one of the charities we support, which can be seen at


In addition, we host great 3D History games, complete with workbooks, that are free for your students to play and complete at Here you can also purchase more of our lessons at a discount from other platform providers.


Hope it helps.



The Space Race - 7 Lessons

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