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This PowerPoint gives you password access to a webpage that hosts 10 fully resourced lessons designed to cover in depth the causes, events and consequences of the Paris Peace Conferences (Treaty of Versailles) and the German Revolution of 1918.


Essential context for any study of Nazi Germany or interwar Europe.


Designed for both in person and virtual teaching. Each lesson includes:


•             A Literacy/Numeracy/Think settler question

•             A context slide to allow for some (valuable) direct instruction

•             A range of resources which include the likes of categorisation tasks, source questions and writing activities with model answers (focus on flexible PEEKA paragraphs).

•             An online recap quiz

•             Each lesson also includes a scholarship and further reading page to really engage the higher-level students.


Lessons in the series:


1.            WW1 Recap

2.            The State of Germany in 1918

3.            The German Revolution 1918

4.            Paris Peace Conference 1919 – Motives Overview

5.            Wilson’s 14 Points

6.            David Lloyd George at Versailles

7.            Terms of the Treaty – Germany

8.            Reactions – Source work

9.            The other treaties

10.         Was it fair?


Visit for free access to the quizzes and taster lessons.


For other great history resources – including free access to our KS3 history RPG games and workbooks – please visit



Treaty of Versailles/Paris Peace Conference - 10 lessons, 30 quiz questions

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