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A series of 29 lessons on UAE Social Studies (History). Each lesson contained keywords and a wide range of activities, with a focus on developing skills that students can use in their regular lessons too. A key focus is obviously on Historical skills, but also Geographic, Business as well as general skills of research, debate and presentation. Several lessons have been inspired by lectures given at the NYU Abu Dhabi by experts in their fields.


The lessons begin with the formation of the Arabian landmass and end with the Arabs on Mars! Fairly comprehensive history. All lessons have been made with cultural sensitivities in mind.


The lessons in both Parts 1 and 2 are:

  • Set up and Intro lesson
  • Historical Overview of the UAE
  • Jebel Faya
  • The Magan People
  • Bronze Age Trade
  • Wadi Suq and Umm Al Na
  • The Iron Age
  • Pre-Islamic Arabia
  • The Prophet Muhammad and the arrival of Islam
  • Battle of Dibba 632CE
  • Mecca and Medina
  • Khalid ibn al-Walid
  • The Portuguese and the Persian Gulf
  • The Islamic Era & Hormuz
  • Bedouin Traditions
  • Pirate Coast & Trucial States
  • The Pearl Trade
  • Diary of a Dhow Driver
  • Qasr Al Hosn
  • Emirati Homes and Architecture
  • Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan
  • Founding of the UAE 1971
  • Famous Emiratis
  • Famous Ex-Pats
  • UAE The Global Crossroads
  • The Dubai Miracle
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • UAE Space Program
  • Monopoly UAE


Please check out for more UAE based resources, including a Business and IT module dedicated to UAE themes – and collections of Moral Education lessons.


Wolsey Academy is a non-profit organisation and any money we make from the sale of resources goes to one of the charities we support, which can be seen at


In addition, we host great 3D History games, complete with workbooks, that are free for your students to play and complete at Here you can also purchase more of our lessons at a discount.

UAE Social Studies | 29 Lessons

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