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20 Lessons that cover a range of wars and conflicts that might not usually make your curriculum - but which nonetheless are vital to understanding world history and make for fascinating lessons.


  • Roman Punic Wars
  • Battle of Hastings
  • King John and the Baron’s War
  • 7-Year War and Causes of American Independence
  • Chinese Civil War
  • First World War (Schlieffen Plan case study)
  • Second World War (North Africa, D-Day and Battle of Britain)
  • Hungarian Revolution
  • Falklands War


Each lesson come with a range of activities to use 'right from the box' with all resources included inside the PowerPoints. They use a range of activities, learning methods, and approaches to create engaging and informative lessons. Most also include access to keyword flashcards to help retention and revision. Included are a range of source questions to improve analysis. The Punic Wars lessons include a teacher video guiding students through the history and the tasks of the lesson.


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