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A set of 4 lessons (bundled) introducing students to the basics of the free to access version of SketchUp (Computer Aided Design Software).


We have had huge success with this in my international school in the Middle East.


Each lesson contains:

1. Literacy/Numeracy/Stretch Question settler activity

2. A 'How to login' visual guide.

3. Tutorial video with narration talking students through a step by step guide in creating their first 3D building design

* Lesson 3 has two video tutorials

* Lesson 4 has access to a third party extension tutorial

5. A set of keyword flash cards (ready to print) with an in class Quiz-Quiz-Trade activity.

7. Access to an online revision quiz.

8. Lesson 1 - 3 include a plenary activity

9. Lesson 4 includes a markscheme for a final project challenge.


We recommend looking at the bundle deal to get the most out of this mini-SOW.


Check out more ICT resources and access to the entire collection of ICT resources at


Hope it helps.



Computer Aided Design - SketchUp Basics - ICT IGCSE (4 lessons)

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