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11 Lessons on ‘Digital Connectivity’. Made for an EAL school so activities have a big focus on literacy, key words and step by step instructions. Each lessons comes with the relevant revision flash cards. It also includes a mid and final unit exam with all the resources required, including revision lessons. Most lessons include a real world case study so students can see how the theory is applied in reality.


This is a computer science theory module. The lessons are as follows:


1. Digital Communication

2. Network Types

3. Modes of Communication

4. Network Operations

5. Wired and Wireless Systems

6. Half Unit Revision and Progress Check

7. Server Types

8. Digital Communication (Part 2)

9. P2P v Client Servers

10. Securing Data & Alan Turing

11. End of Unit Revision and Assessment.


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We hope it helps.

Digital Connectivity - 11 Lessons - Computer Science/ICT

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