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17 Lessons on ‘Digital Devices’. Made for an EAL school so activities have a big focus on literacy, keywords and step-by-step instructions. Each lesson comes with relevant revision flash cards. It also includes a mid and final unit exam with all the resources required, including revision lessons. Most lessons include a real-world case study so students can see how the theory is applied in reality.


This is a computer science theory module. The lessons are as follows:


1. Mainframes and processors

2. Phones and Tablets

3. Audio-visual Devices

4. Interactive Systems

5. Smart Devices

6. Convergence

7. Features of Digital Devices

8. User Interfaces (GUI et al)

9. Mid-Unit Recap Lesson

10. Case Study: Microsoft Windows

11. Data Security

12. Peripheral Devices Part 1

13. Peripheral Devices Part 2

14. Printers

15. User Identification

16. Data Storage

17. End of Unit Revision and Assessment.


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We hope it helps.

Digital Devices - 17 Lessons

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