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4 Resources designed to help out teaching English.


  • Exit Cards for KS2-4. Brilliant little plenary tasks that can be printed and kept in a wallet by the wall. A great way to challenge students and show progress.
  • A colourful Literacy mat to help students explain the effect of something, really useful for a range of subjects and curriculums! Print and laminate to boost your student’s outcomes.
  • Higher order thinking questions for reading texts. A range of questions to engage students with higher level thinking and questioning – beyond the usual ‘explain this more’ feedback, this can be a really useful guide to build higher level analysis.
  • Sentence Stems for Reading Analysis. A colourful literacy mat, ideal for printing and laminating on desk to push students of all abilities to write better paragraphs and engage with higher level analysis.



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English Literacy and Thinking Support Resources

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