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6 Lessons covering Fast Fashion and Globalisation. Made for an EAL school so activities have a big focus on literacy, keywords and step-by-step instructions.


The lessons are as follows:

  • Intro to Globalisation and fashion
  • ‘My Stuff’ where do my clothes come from?
  • Sweat Shop Conditions
  • Sweat Shops Disasters: Bangladesh Case Study
  • Brands and Rebranding
  • Extended Writing Globalisation Activity


Each lesson contains:

  • Literacy and numeracy settlers (every lesson)
  • Group work and class presentations
  • Research tasks
  • Nike case study
  • Extended literacy task
  • Extended writing task (with support for PEE and PEEKA paragraphs)
  • Stretch and challenge activities throughout.
  • Keyword and differentiation support.
  • All printable resources.


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We hope it helps.


Fast Fashion & Globalisation

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