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Perfect for History Club sessions – or active and creative lessons - at the primary or secondary level. Includes information and video about the topics and a fun practical activity (which can often take more than one session to complete). All sessions include a weekly advertising poster for display boards, websites, and screens around the school. Also included is a loyalty card for students to claim rewards after attending enough lessons.

Designed by Wolsey Academy and tried and tested with secondary students in the UK.
Topics are as follows:

1.    Ancient Egypt – Drama Production
2.    Battle of Trafalgar 1805 – Arts and Craft.
3.    Guy Fawkes, 1605 – Gunpowder Hunt.
4.    Charles Lindbergh, 1927 – Design & Fly a Plane.
5.    Pirates – Make a Movie.
6.    Thanksgiving – Fancy Dress and Card Design
7.    Benjamin Franklin – Make and fly a Kite.
8.    Tudor Christmas – Card Making.
9.    Battle of Atlantic – Code Breaking Game
10.    Medieval Coat of Arms – Research and Heraldry Making.
11.    Brunel – Bridge Building
12.    Darwin –Voyage of the Beagle, Art Competition.
13.    D-Day – Landing Craft Construction and Testing
14.    World Cup History – Kit Designs
15.    Battle of Quebec – Crane Construction
16.    Angkor Wat – Sunrise Drawings
17.    Historical Fashion – Clothing Designs
18.    Henry Ford – Assembly Line Competition
19.    Roman Army – Shield Design and Battle Tactics Role Play
20.    Local History: Ipswich Town Football Club – Badge Design.


Combine these with Wolsey Academy's amazing and free History World Games at

History Club

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