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Everything you need to teach the entire IGCSE Business Studies course for CIE (it also covers 95% of the Edexcel/USA/International content too!) - over 100 lessons! Two years worth of lessons!


This course is structured into six units, each covering a different aspect of business studies.


Unit 1 - Understanding Business Activity (23 lessons)

The first unit provides an introduction to the basic ideas and concepts of business, including the purpose and nature of business activity and how businesses can be categorized. It also explores topics such as entrepreneurship and enterprise, business size, and objectives for both businesses and stakeholders.


Unit 2 - People in Business & Human Resources (18 lessons)

The second section focuses on the functional area of human resources, examining the methods of motivating a workforce, recruitment and selection, and training of employees. It also covers the importance of effective internal and external communication in businesses.


Unit 3 - Marketing (26 lessons)

The third section delves into the topic of marketing, exploring the role of marketing, differentiating between niche and mass markets, and the techniques of market segmentation. It also covers market research methods and the use of the marketing mix, or the four Ps, in marketing strategies.


Unit 4 - Operations Management (10 lessons)

The fourth section concentrates on the functional area of production, including production methods, productivity improvement, production costs, break-even analysis, quality control, and location decisions.



Unit 5 - Finance (14 lessons)

The fifth section focuses on finance and accounting, including business finance sources, cash-flow forecasting, working capital, and simple income statements. It also covers statements of financial position and the analysis of accounts.


Unit 6 - External Influences on Business (11 lessons)

The final section addresses external influences on business activity, such as government influences on economic, environmental, and ethical issues, the international economy, multinational businesses, and exchange rates. Legal constraints are also considered, with relevant influences discussed in the functional areas above, as well as in this section.



IGCSE Business Studies CIE -Units 1-6 - Entire Course

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