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A 20 lesson series that takes students through 4 time periods: Ancient (Romans), Medieval (Normans, Plantagenet), Industrial (Ind Rev) and Modern (Internet, Fashion, Sport).


Each lesson is fully resourced with everything you need to teach it contained within the PowerPoint itself (no drama with dozens of word files).


The lessons are as follows.

1. Roman Life in Pompeii

2. Roman Medicine and Galen

3. Norman Feudal System

4. Norman Domesday Book Analysis

5. The Medieval Church (Becket)

6. Medieval Life

7. Medieval Life Game Booklet

8. Factory Life

9. Working in a Coal Mine

10. Child Labour in the Factories

11. Public Health Problems

12. Public Health Solutions

13. Public Health Source Work

14. Political Uprisings - Luddites

15. Black History - William Cuffay

16. A History of Video Games and their impact

17. Fashion Through Time (History Club)

18. World Cup History (History Club)

19. Impact of the Internet on Society

20. Impact of the Internet of the world of Work





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Hope it helps.

Social History Through Time - 20 Lessons

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