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A: This really depends on what you want to do with your PC. If you are just using it for the limited entertainment that it provides, it's probably not worth it. If you want it to run a lot of software, add the appropriate ram and HDD space. A quad core with 8 GB RAM should be fine, and 1 TB SSD should also be fine (any OS on that will be fine). If you're worried about having too much RAM, here is the relevant article on how much ram is actually required. As for which operating system you need, here is a few suggestions: Ubuntu, for 64-bit Fedora, for 32-bit FreeBSD, for 32-bit Windows, for 32-bit (or you can install an x86 emulator for this too) It is also possible to use a virtual machine, although it is slightly more complicated. For personal enjoyment, I recommend a Mac, as Windows is too much of a hassle. The fastest of them is the Retina MacBook Pro, although the cheaper iMac does the job as well. You could also get a Raspberry Pi or a




Babylon Retail Voice Pack Serial Key chrileao

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