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Wolsey Academy: Automating Chalk and Talk

Teaching, as it is practised in Britain at least, is an unsustainable profession. We all know it. The numbers bear it out. There is something of a crisis on the horizon for the profession.

Wolsey Academy aims to try and help.

Wolsey Academy will create a range of time saving learning resources to help you deliver outstanding learning experiences for your pupils - all without burning you out.

The initial focus will be on high quality SOW, many with an EAL focus, and associated self-marking quizzes and activities. These quizzes will make ideal revision tasks and/or homework. The important part of this is the 'self-marking' aspect, allowing for quick and effective differentiation based on feedback as soon as the lesson begins.

Wolsey Academy is also developing a number of Learning Worlds - online adventures that immerse the student in historical worlds and allow them to explore and learn at their own pace. Keep an eye out for these.

This blog, Cardinal's Corner, will comment on the SOW and Learning Worlds and provide context and guidance where necessary. It might also be entertaining.

Please follow us on twitter and/or Facebook - or subscribe old skool style to the Blog's RSS feed.

Hope it helps.

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