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The Old Testament as History

This will be the first post in what I hope will be a series of posts simply writing up my thoughts and findings as I progress through the ‘Old Testament’ playlist on from Bible Project. I am not a devout believer in any sense, I am simply curious about the texts as just that – texts that draw upon historical influences and in turn have a hugely significant historical impact of its own.

Even if you don’t believe in any of the world’s religions I feel religious texts deserve the same weighting as the Magna Carta or Shakespeare, probably more so, in their impact on human history.

I have had a lifelong fascination with Christianity, with the chief catalyst being a semester long student exchange at the University of Arkansas in 2005. Coming from ‘Red Essex’ (as it was once known) going to ‘Redneck’ territory was certainly something of an eye opener! I left with a quiet admiration for the way their society had been shaped by the faith – but a longing to discover ‘how’ this came into being. Being from the Old World, it took a stay in the New World to make me look again at my own society and culture. This is of course the very purpose of travel!

I hope these notes and findings can be of use to the casual reader but I will admit I am writing and posting them mainly as a mechanism to track my own thoughts. If you have stumbled across these posts and wish to leave any comments or start a conversation on twitter (@pbgrange) then I would love to hear from you.