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How Suffolk could have saved the world... but we voted for the Tory Anti-Science Brigade instead.

About a month ago I wrote a blog giving my thoughts on the Ipswich MP Tom Hunt's membership of the so called 'Common Sense' group. This collection of Tory MPs and Peers spend their time lobbying against things like Historians doing their job and have a general hatred for all new ideas and research. (Especially if it involves seeing people of colour in a more favourable light...)

Alas, wouldn't it be wonderful if these elderly grandees (and their unimaginative, silver spoon "Here have Ipswich as a present" MP sons) stopped their damaging rhetoric at the level of historical interpretation? Unfortunately - they don't.

Their distrust of educated people doing educated things - extends beyond the realms of leather patched history professors. The world of petri dishes, slide rules and lab coats is also a much hated target.

Don't be fooled by their talk of being boosters to British science. It's all for show. If they truly cared they would never have endorsed Brexit, pushing out thousands of the world's best scientists and cutting us off from the EU's Horizon programme (we were cut off, then we secured associate membership, and then because we refused to honour our word over Northern Ireland we've been kicked ou