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The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan

This, I believe, was one of the first History Teacher Book Club reads and therefore one I missed out on. I read the sequel, 'The New Silk Roads' on a plane flight between London and Abu Dhabi in one sitting - and Peter Frankopan even replied to my tweet, congratulating me for keeping my son asleep during the whole flight to allow me to do it!

Anyway, my (extensive) notes from the original are below. An extraordinary study - one that is so wide and broad that I will have to spend some time to see how it can neatly fit into our schemes of work at school. But it certainly blows open Asia as essential to this historical narrative we have all been teaching this time without ever really acknowledging the vital role played by this huge chunk of humanity. A good first step in 'de-colonising' the curriculum, or at the very least, making it less Eur